Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Giuliani: Like It Is.

Giuliani leaves Dickerson in the dust, whining.

Maybe I'll vote for Rudy...

Here's ol' Al Sharpton on the subject of shooting police officers:

SHARPTON: Offing the Pigs


Phoenix said...


Over at another site I had a discussion with an Evolutionist about the lack of experimental evidence regarding Evo. He then forwarded the Lenski experiment which was supposedly successfully replicated. I searched your site hoping to find something on the topic but couldn't find anything. I also asked him to come over here and share his "knowledge and evidence" with us.

What is your take on the laboratory studies done on the 12 E.coli populations which is supposed to be empirical proof for Evolution?


Stan said...

Let's take this to the evolution discussion area. See you there.

Rikalonius said...

On the subject of Rudy Giuliani. He put that one out of the park, and he set up the reporter so perfectly. He got the dolt invested in what he was saying by offering him a little red meat as bait, and then sprung the trap.