Friday, July 1, 2016

Intercellular Communication

One of the many intricacies of living organisms is the abundance of communication systems which are necessary for organic control and other uses within the organism. These systems have languages, transmitters and receivers, and active agents which carry out the duties which are specified by the particular message.

Now there is a new process found which involves transmitting of organic messages from the outside of the cell membrane. Small pockets in the cell membrane emit particles which contain RNA. These are emitted into the fluids surrounding the cell, and thus are messengers to other cells.

This is still in the research phase, trying to understand the various types of messages, and their possible uses, say for detecting cancers or benign tumors, or many other possible functions.

For me, it's another instance of complexity within life which is highly unlikely to have been created by mutation and put to work by Darwinian selection. Its also a model of science done by objective experimentation: science done right.


Russell said...

There's nothing in Darwin's original theory to support this as a function of Natural Selection. Nothing.

"Process of natural selection will always be very slow, and will act, at any one time, only on a very few forms"

Darwin was a fraud.

Steven Satak said...

"Unlikely" is a mild way of putting it.

I would have written 'next door to impossible'. I could play the lottery from the Big Bang until the heat death of the universe, choosing numbers randomly each second, and still never even come close.

And they say *Christians* have 'blind faith'! But I guess it's better than being held accountable for your behavior.