Friday, July 1, 2016

Millennial Atheist Instructs Us On Atheism And Christianity, With A Little Islam Thrown In

"Kissing God's Ass", "Raging Hormones", and "Not Living in the Moment": This Atheist "knows" what Christianity actually is.

And like many millennial Atheists, she redefines Atheism for her own convenience - the convenience of not having to defend her own worldview. And she's clueless about the ramifications of pure Consequentialism and Atheist atrocities of the 20th Century... for her it's religion which is evil. We've all seen this stuff before. Use this video to tune up your own rational responses... or just ignore it.


Russell said...

I only got to the first claim. What utter BS and twaddle.

Steven Satak said...

I will ignore it. When the speaker's boobs are hanging out, they're using sex to sell their message. Generally, that's only done in advertising and propaganda.

By the way, another fun fact - listening to AM talk radio, I have learned to ignore advertising that repeats it's phone number more than three times. I do wish the conservative hosts would be a bit more discerning about the type of ads their shows carry. I would also like it if the hosts did not take up my valuable time shilling for various products *while they make it sound like it's part of their show*.

Phoenix said...

"Christianity's says that when a woman's raped, then the guy just has to pay her father..."

Can she even cite one practical example of this in the real world? Of course she can't because Christians do not adhere to a literal interpretation of the OT (Torah). Not even Jesus did.

"The more Atheists, the healthier it (society) is..."

The two largest Atheist nations in the world (North Korea and China) beg to differ. Unless of course infanticide, genocide, censorship, persecution, starvation, enslavement torture and abduction are considered healthy in her Atheist world. Further, the Scandinavian countries she's alluding to has a history grounded in Christian ideals. Besides, Atheists have handed those countries over to muslims. How's that for healthy living?

I don't understand why people always have to give a magical explanation to things..."


"You can find the magic in reality...and appreciate the science that goes behind them" behind the magic. How the hell do you even interpret this crap - literally or figuratively?

I'm guessing she has no background in math, logic, philosophy or any of the hard sciences. Perhaps she owns a t-shirt with the word logic printed on the front, therefore she believes she's logical.

Phoenix said...

"Living in the moment" and "You only have one life to live"

These sound attractive on the surface but she's completely oblivious to the sacrifices that Christians in particular endure for a greater cause. Her Atheist concept of 'live in the moment' is a pretext for living a hedonistic, selfish and excessive materialistic life.

Russell said...

"I'm guessing she has no background in math, logic, philosophy or any of the hard sciences. Perhaps she owns a t-shirt with the word logic printed on the front, therefore she believes she's logical."

*Mic drop*

CJ said...

@Phoenix: "Can she even cite one practical example of this in the real world?"

"I'll see your straw man and raise you two." Or six. Yup. Totally convincing.

I didn't get beyond the whole "atheism is just a belief claim" malarkey. 'Cause I'm sure the central tenets Nietzschean philosophy were simply, "Hey, dude, I like don't have a god-belief thing but that's just, like, me personally, so chill!"

Any atheist who thinks atheism is not a knowledge claim has no business making knowledge claims like, oh, say, "There is no evidence for God."

Man I wish some of the great atheist philosophers of the past century were still around. They'd tear these punks a new one.

FYI, this particular punk is Jaclyn Glenn who, like everyone who loves to hear themselves talk, has a YouTube channel.

Phoenix said...

Too bad there's not that many parodies of Atheists on You Tube. It's high time Atheists get to see how theists REALLY view them. Those fools are still under the false impression the rest of the world think they are the elite intelligentsia of the universe and custodians of science and logic.

If I were to make a parody video of Atheists I would...

1) Start with Bill Maher, claim Stalin and Mao were religious and cuss at my Christian guest and threaten to chuck him out of the studio for disagreeing with me. I'd probably throw in a good nose-joke too.

2) Move on to Dusty Smith and yell "pussy, dick, fuck, shit" for ten straight minutes and then end with "Logic Muthafuckas"

3) Then Dawkins and 10 minutes of false comparisons. "That's like saying there's a giant anus on my head" and "That's like saying I'm being chased by an invisible penis", etc.

4) The rest of the clip would be just more of the same...angry, mouth-foaming, yelling and cussing. Because that's how we really view these fools.

CJ said...

Well, here's a little something I put together a couple of years back. I'll post it here for anyone that wants to improve on it. The times I've used it, it rarely fails to get a rise. Something about Poe's Law, perhaps?

In fact, the last time I used it was with an atheist who hit four or five of the bullet points almost out of the starting block (all while claiming he rarely spent any time at atheist blogs and did all his own thinking). Then when I posted this list, he got angry because I refused to rebut it point-by-point. So, umm, yeah, Poe's Law, indeed.


* Insist all religion is illogical and/or stupid.
* Insist you're all about logic and rationality.

* Insist religious belief is a mental disease/brainwashing.

* Mention any two of the following: Santa Claus, unicorns, Zeus, invisible sky daddies, flying pasta.
* Insist you just believe in "one less god".

* Insist religion is responsible for most war/murder/icky stuff.
* Bring up two or more of the following: the Crusades, the Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, Bronze Age goat herders

* Insist on the following:
a) Stalin was a seminarian
b) communism is a religion
c) bad atheists don't invalidate atheism
d) bad Christians DO invalidate religion

* Claim two or more of the following:
a) Science proves atheism
b) Evolution invalidates Genesis
c) Religious people can't understand science

* Claim you are a well-educated former Christian, or at least that you know more about the Bible/religion than most Christians. Remind everyone (as often as possible) how smart you are, and that you're all about "logic and science".

Helpful Tips
* Remember to liberally salt all your arguments with ad hominems, pejoratives and other insults. Crude and rude is the way to go!
* When discussing the Bible, insist on absolute literal interpretations of everything; but
* if the Christian is doing it, call him a fundie loon.
* Whenever possible, insist faith means "believing without evidence".
* If the Christian denies any of your claims, or insists on evidence, don't get bogged down in specifics; just tell him he's too stupid to understand, then repeat your claims louder.
* Remember - there's NO evidence at all for "God", no matter what anyone says.

Finally, if the Christian makes a point you can't answer, deflect. And always remember: it's not about being persuasive; it's all about shoring up your flagging self-esteem.


Stan said...

All of those have been used here at one time or another during the past nine years. It's like a club of "Pretend You're Smart" children, unable to progress beyond the "pretend" phase and unable to discern the difference between pretending and reality. This actually applies fully to Hawking, Krauss, as well as Dawkins et. al. Unable to hold actual rational conversations, they fall back onto their "memes" list, completely unaware that they have proven nothing, that their claims don't rise to the level of rational arguments, and that their claims of authority are transparently false, circular, and indicative of consuming narcissism at a child-like level or below. Sometimes it's like a childish pout against religion, with groups of people all of whom are in the same childish pout and encouraging others to pout along with them.

Atheism is not "for" something; it is against authority which is not them. By declaring their own random thoughts to be "Logic", and non-falsifiable hypotheses to be "Science", they build their own unfalsifiable religion out of fog and bluster - hence they place themselves into the realm of the totally irrational and then wonder why they are not trusted any more than child molesters and rapists.