Friday, July 15, 2016

Read This Whole Article: This Is What We Are Up Against

EXCLUSIVE: France ‘Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan Massacre
Even if, or especially if, ISIS is wiped out in the middle East, there will remain ISIS devotees in every western nation. This will not be admitted by any government (or MSM media); it will be covered up until it cannot be contained any longer. Around that time, all Hell will break loose. ISIS is not radical. ISIS is Muhammadan Islamic to the core. ISIS will froth up as Muslims actually read their Qur'ans.


Phoenix said...

Perhaps if they had banned trucks in France then the horrific terror assault would not have occurred, which resulted in more deaths then the Orlando shootings.

According to Leftist logic, trucks are more dangerous than guns.

Stan said...

Absolutely: a new tool to blame: trucks. Obviously such carnage could not be caused by ox carts.

It's amazing how many tools go around killing and shouting Allahu Ackbar!
[Double entendre intentional.]

Robert Coble said...

"Gruesome torture": Did I miss something somewhere? Isn't torture supposed to be gruesome in order to be torture?!?

Oh, sorry, I forgot all that "gruesome torture" performed on those poor defenseless Muslim detainees (not enemy combatants; just poor migrants on the way to a better life). How "gruesome" to be given special prayer rugs and "forced" to pray 5 times per day toward Mecca. How "gruesome" to be "forced" to eat foods that are halāl. How "gruesome" to accord all the rights of citizenship to those who have fought and killed American troops, including unlimited legal rights and legal representation by the ACLU lawyer of your choice, paid for by the families of those you have killed on the battlefield. How "gruesome" to be released back to the battlefields so that you can do it all over again, until hopefully, FINALLY) you get your reward of 72 virgins to diddle for the rest of eternity.

Yes, I read the article. Yes, it makes me sick to my stomach, especially in light of the practices of the current administration in Washington, D.C. toward any and all Islamic terrorists.

The French government appears to be no different from the Washington elites ruling America.

Protect the Narrative, at all costs.