Sunday, July 31, 2016

When Common Sense Fails

Pregnant ex-women are called "male".
March of the male mums: Sex-change men to give birth on NHS... with three British men born female already 'on brink' of having babies
Dozens of transgender men are having their eggs frozen at NHS clinics
Eggs are frozen before surgery or hormone therapy to switch sex
Treatment means that a British trans man could soon become a parent
In rare circumstances a man could become pregnant and give birth
These XX "men" are constantly dosed with massive amounts of hormones in order to create their fantasy gender. This excessive dosing will likely translate to problems in the development of their fetuses; we shall see. If this does happen, I think child-abuse charges are definitely in order, not only for the women-men, but for their enabling physicians. In fact, the entire Social Justice cult will be to blame.

If nothing else it is proof that the women are merely posing as men, are not men, and are fraudulent in their claim to be men. Men do not have neither pregnancies nor births. Denial of that is an indication of insanity.

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