Wednesday, July 27, 2016

*Yawn* Just Another Democrat Internal Contradiction

Jim Geraghty:
1) There was nothing secret in HRC's 30k deleted emails.
2) It's a "national security issue" if Russia gets them.

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Robert Coble said...

There are lies, damned lies, statistics and any statement regarding or coming from Crooked Hillary Clinton. . .

Nothing to see here, it's old news. It could be a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE if Trump pays his stooge Putin to leak any more DNC "secrets" which should have been protected at the highest levels in the national interest of furthering the Progressive Narrative and maintaining our grip on the ignorant assholes (sorry: typo there, that should have been "informed voters") we have to round up every election to keep us in power. It's so tiresome working shit holes like Chicago; too many of our inner-city "peeps” want to be grave fillers rather than grave diggers come election time when we need to "get out the vote" (wink! wink!).

What's next?

"I cannot tell a lie; I did NOT chop down that cherry tree. Donald Trump chopped down that cherry tree while he was trying to build that ridiculous wall to keep out all those "poor, tired, yearning to be free to collect benefits" migrants. Mistakes were made (by somebody, ANYBODY, other than me) and I most certainly did not exchange any email with the DNC that was classified, marked "CLASSIFIED" or contained classified information. All those supposedly classified emails were classified after the fact, and, besides, it's now all John Kerry's fault because he's Secretary of State, so he's responsible now for that horrible video that caused the spontaneous bimbo eruption in Benghazi that resulted in no loss of American lives (although it did cost a few people their virginity), so what's the big deal with all these Republican witch hunts? Do they really think they can catch this witch? Eat my broomstick's dust, peasants! I don't even know what the word classified means (is that like, you know, a "classified" ad in the newspaper?), and I couldn't recognize classified material even if it is marked classified, "CLASSIFIED" or with one of those little emoji symbol things, you know, like © means "Clinton Crony" and ® means "nasty wicked Republican." I don't know nuthin 'bout nuthin, 'cause I'm the smartest person living. I ain't noways tarred (nor feathered), but as a Progressive bird-brain, I deserve to be the First Queen Vagina, because my husband done me wrong but wouldn't let me bake cookies, so let me take care of you the way I've taken care of him. Free trips to Lolita Island for everyone at government expense and $500,000 speaking engagements! Although you should believe everything I tell you, I have never ONCE lied to the American people (because I have lied so MANY times I've lost count, but who’s counting, Republicans?), and I didn't even have to equivocate to the FBI because they made sure that there were no questions asked that I couldn't truthfully answer (like "Does the word 'is' mean 'is' or something else?", and I truthfully answered, "I'll have to ask my husband; he's the family expert on that subject."), and there was no record of either the questions or my answers, so at this point, what difference does it make?! Just ask my main squeeze, Debbie Watercarrier-Schultz and President Barack Insane Obama if I am not the single most highly qualified person EVAH to become Queen Vagina the First. Besides, it's my turn to screw the American people; Bill had his turn for 8 whole years. I know I can do even more than Bill and Barack combined to screw America, because I am a woman, and you KNOW that a vagina is naturally much smarter than a penis when it comes to screwing people. As a vagina, I will expand to encompass every penis er, problem, in America. If it ain't a fucking problem when I take office, it WILL be a fucking problem once I'm crowned."

Ain't Progressive "logic" wonderful?!?