Friday, August 5, 2016

Apply This To Evolution, AGW, and Other Non-falsifiable Claims

I very much like this quote from Vox Day:
"Like any other cult that's faced with dealing with false prophecies, the response of the hard core is to double down even as everyone else falls away."
His reference was to a political issue, but it applies across the board to all claims that cannot be tested, proven right or proven wrong. Cults and their followers occur when some principle becomes absolutely necessary in the worldviews of those who are susceptible. Whether the principle passes tests of logic or succumbs to dialectic is of no matter. The construction of a story, a narrative which supports the mental neediness of the susceptible is all that is required. And no amount of rational discourse will prevent them from ignoring contrary facts which demolish their position. Rationalization, the inverse of rationality, becomes the entire thought process because that is what is necessary to the narrative.

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