Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Euthanasia Goose-Steps On Down The Pike

Killing the Mentally Ill in Netherlands

"The Netherlands considers itself oh, so rational. Its laws around controversial social issues involve the concept of harm reduction. Harm reduction? Once the country accepted killing as an answer to suffering, it was sure to include the mentally ill. Now a new study reveals the law’s cruelty. From the Reuters story:
Overall, about a third of the people helped to end their lives were age 70 years or older, 44 percent were between ages 50 and 70 and about a quarter were 30 to 50 years old. Seventy percent were women. While fully 55 percent of patients were diagnosed with depression, the others had a number of different conditions, including psychosis, posttraumatic stress disorder or anxiety, neurocognitive issues, pain without any physical cause, eating disorders, prolonged grief and autism.
And now, Netherlands is following Belgium by conjoining euthanasia with organ harvesting, raising the prospect that the mentally ill will come to see their deaths as having greater value than their lives.

Don’t expect this to slow down anything. The only thing that really matters to the Dutch around this issue is transparency.

But what good is transparency when things go from bad, to worse, to evil, and it matters not?

Most people in the Netherlands long ago swallowed the hemlock premise of euthanasia. So I guess we could say about this study and others like it: At this point, what difference does it make?"
Government sanctioned killing, plus organ harvesting: what could possibly go wrong? It is perfectly rational to kill a "lesser" human in order to save a "greater" human; the mathematics is undeniable. But first you must have classes, some of which are deemed "lesser", and others deemed "greater". And who is to decide? Why, the "greater" class, of course.


Phoenix said...

Atheists claim to have a common moral principle:

Avoid causing intentional injury to others. "Others" is defined as those who possess consciousness and sentience. Taken literally, this would include animals and insects. Yes, a bug has more value than a human fetus and a mentally ill person who are both most likely not even aware when they are being harmed, therefore they are killable.

Stan said...

That common moral principle must apply only to western Atheists who are still protected by the last vestiges of the culture which the AtheoLeftists despise: eurocentric JudeoChristian tolerance, creativity and independent work ethic.

It does not apply, obviously, to any socialist/communist/totalitarian Atheist environment.