Sunday, August 7, 2016

More Inherent Non-coherence in AtheoLeftism, and Its Faux Morality

Liberal hypocrisy: “It’s wrong to have gender separate washrooms for Canadians — but it’s ok to have gender apartheid swimming pools” for Muslims?
Wait! Are Muslims OK with washrooms for BOTH men and women? Won't they require "gender apartheid restrooms, too?"

The faux morality of the AtheoLeft will always produce internal non-coherence. That's because their "morality" is discriminatory against the west, western culture, and whites, especially white males who are cis-anything. The source of AtheoLeftist morality thus is their hatred focus.

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Phoenix said...

The irony is that Leftists hold muslims to a different and lower moral standard than the rest of the populace, hoping they will catch up to the more evolved societies eventually. A classic case of Zeno's Achilles and the tortoise paradox.