Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Answer to the Above

Answer to the above:
The actual paper does not claim "...the first fossil record of chemosensory cues, or chemotaxis...".

The actual paper accurately states this:
"We infer that these queues represent mass migratory chains coordinated by chemotaxis, comparable to those observed in modern crustaceans such as spiny lobsters, and further suggest that the two forms, which occur in an approximately 1:1 ratio, may be dimorphs. "

Even the vaunted Science Magazine is vulnerable to the deadly anti-intellectual overreach of claiming fact from what is merely inference, extrapolation, and guess work. I.e., the Science Mag author turned the inference into an impossible "fact".

This is a direct consequence of the Darwinian assault on science, knowledge and rationality, where such guess work must be considered factual, not by the actual community of experts, but certainly by the vast gaggles of acolytes who want it to be Truth, regardless of non-factuality of the "scientific" content, and the ubiquitous rational falsifiers for such pursuits.

This would not be brooked in the REAL sciences of physics, chemistry, modern biology or any of the fields of engineering. It would be considered, rightly, to be fraud.

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