Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Treason and Crimes of John McCain Still Mean Nothing [1]

McCain Continues Incumbents' Winning Streak Against Pro-Trump Primary Challengers

The cuckservatives will not ever go away. They will not become the Democrats which they really are. Under the false flag of "Conservatism", they will infest the Republican Party for a very long time. The AltRight just might not be strong enough to restore the constitutional guarantees, both of the Liberties For All, and the Justice for those of the obviously criminal political class. That being the case, then, hunger games will be the legacy of our times.

A random thought. I wonder if the Russians hack-voted for McCain.

Note 1. McCain committed treason twice while a captive of the North Vietnamese. First he gave away military information to his captors. Second, he became the "Tokyo Rose" of the prisoner camps, broadcasting demoralizing propaganda over the NV official broadcast system to the other prisoners of war in his and other POW camps. Neither he nor "Hanoi Jane" Fonda ever paid for their treason.

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