Friday, August 12, 2016

Will Smith: Cleanse America of Trump Supporters

No more of my cash for any Will Smith products.
From the Tolerant Left:

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Steven Satak said...

Who the hell lets an actor tell them what to do?

Especially a leftist bigot like Smith?

The guy makes his pile in the good old fashioned way, then - like a lot of guys with a pile of money - turns around and does his damndest to bar the doors behind him.

If Will Smith is against Trump, then I am voting for Trump. You judge a man by the kind of enemies he makes. So far, to me nearly every person talking *&^% about Trump comes across as some kind of Leftist, equity-of-outcome pajama-boy elitist, gamma-male she's-the-boss participation-trophy-collecting loser who wants to impoverish everyone but themselves to live in a pain-free, shame-free fantasy world that doesn't involve THEM doing one damn bit of work.