Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Billionaires, Tribalism, Darwinism, and Hillaryism

When you think of it doesn't it seem odd that the new billionaire class are nearly all very Leftist? Why would they not prefer liberty, small government, and individual rights?

In reading through the analyses of what constitutes the essence of the Alt-Right, I disagree with only a few points. The main point is that politics has shifted focus from ideology to identity, which of course, it has. But not at the fundamental level, I argue. At the fundamental level it long has been, and remains, money driven, power driven. How does the Left benefit from fragmentation into tribes? It's a bet, based on demographics which the Left has driven hard to work in their favor. The tribes to which they pander are growing in size, aided by open borders and midnight transfer of illegal aliens into all corners of the nation. Those tribes will be unconcerned with the US Constitution, with any reference to pay for value produced (economic considerations), yet will appreciate being accepted into the Leftist tribe, even if only on paper. History will play no part in any decision made by these insurgent tribes, because they bring their own history and it dominates their axioms, presuppositions and worldviews.

The new tribes will be agglomerated at election time by the promises and fear mongering of the politicians. When the overall Leftist tribal conglomerate is large enough, it will secure the power of the pay-to-play crony power structure which the Left has constructed and used against Mainstreet for decades.

So the tribalism tactic is now the "Will To Power" driving factor used by the Left. As they say, if the electorate doesn't support you, then get a new electorate. But tribalism in politics, law and culture is merely the tactic. The goal is always "Will To Power".

It became obvious to the wealthy that the US Government was for sale, through such arrangements as PACs and the Clinton Foundation. The billionaire found that the full force of the executive branch could be his for a trivial few million dollars. The force multiplication factor is huge; what money chaser could resist? In fact, if he did resist, his competitor would use it to destroy him. So when the government is corrupt to its core, the corruption of the movers and shakers is inevitable.

As the Left promotes tribalism, it decries any tribalistic vibrations from its enemies. The pretense that tribalism is evil is part of their borderless, multi-culti, egalitarian, biased trade treaties, and international law over constitution type of agenda. It's all driven by the siren song of wealth/power, and was fully predicted by Nietzsche.

Speaking of Nietzsche, it is obvious that nearly all philosophers of the day are Nietzscheans at their core value level. Why? Well, it is obvious that the money flow from government to university is now huge, with student debt for government loans covering outrageous tuitions financing these institutions in their glorious infrastructures. So tribalism in the universities is expected in return, and the marxists crowding the universities fit right into the overall scheme. How much more entrenched would it become if "free government paid higher education" became standard?

Is there a connection from all this co-dependent corruption to Darwinism? Of course, for two reasons. First Darwinism insists that fantasy is fact, that fantasy is science and knowledge so long as the right experts say so. That means that any story concocted by the right experts can be decreed as true. Second, Darwinism requires that humans are accidents of trivial value, meaning the morality is also trivial and only valid when it is useful. There is no need for God in their calculations, and in fact, there calculations work better without any God. Or morality from authorities other than themselves. Third, history is malleable, facts are malleable, and any contradictions are put straight into the memory hole and covered with mountains of denial.

It's all interrelated; it's all anti-rational; it's here, in spades. It all comes together under Hillary; it should be called Hillaryism.

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