Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cultural Appropriation: The Newest Weapon

This crowd of aggrieved students is convinced of their Victimhood. Their professor made the mistake of sending an email which in effect said, don't get all puckered about Halloween costumes. That just doesn't fly these days. Watch how the Victims reject everything ol' Prof says, because they know better. They make the racial distinction that no one but them understands anything about them, but they understand how racist everyone else is. Even the fact that he smiled at one point is attacked. His "vision" of commonality has little effect; they are "hurting" too badly about privileges and appropriation and suggestions of tolerance to actually hear about commonality.

Mob of students angry over cultural appropriation email

Cultural appropriation is transparently, blatantly a racist theme which is used to further the racial superiority of the Victimhood Class over anyone else they might accuse. The Prof suggested that they be tolerant. That is racist. They cannot be tolerant because that's not how Marxist Class War works. The Victimhood Class cannot - will not - tolerate anything which involves a member of the Oppressor Class. All this mob needs is a Messiah Class instigator to help them take down this white guy. Where's Al Sharpton when they need him?

Marxism is not going to go away. It's the coward's approach to the destruction of civil discourse: anything that the Other says is morally wrong because it offends me, primarily because of the Class Membership of who said it. The morality of it is worn around like a nun's habit, only it is really more like a Brown Shirt dictating what may be said and thought, and what may not.

Should the Prof apologize for recommending actual tolerance? Really?

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