Friday, September 16, 2016

EU Focuses On Dis-Arming Switzerland

The European Union wants to disarm Switzerland

"Switzerland: Brussels will toughen its laws on firearms, including introducing psychological and medical tests for holders.

The EU wants [Switzerland] to tighten its laws on firearms. The first sketches of Directive 91/477 forced Simonetta Sommaruga [Swiss Federal Councelor, a socialist] to visit Brussels in mid-June, to plead for Swiss law be allowed to keep the service weapon at home. [Switzerland in NOT part of the EU]

If this derogation is accepted for now, it will be accompanied by many other obligations, such as psychological and medical tests, said the Basler Zeitung in its issue of August 24.

It is supposed to demonstrate that gun owners are not a danger to society and must be supervised. [do you see the contradiction? they are safe, but must be closely watched] Therefore 133,000 people will be compelled to do that: members of shooting clubs but also hunters, collectors or those who possess weapons without being part of a society.

The anti-terrorist law in the European Union already requires gun owners to pass such tests every five years.

Fear of referendum

Switzerland, a member of the Schengen area, is committed to automatically apply European law. Berne will therefore have to adapt its legislation, which could be the subject of a referendum. If not, the vote could result in the late-agreement Schengen-Dublin.

[the shengen and Dublin agreement was apparently signed by the Swiss]

It is to avoid this disaster scenario that Simonetta Sommaruga’s services were activated in June in Brussels for the service weapons to be excluded from the directive. The other obligations will also make the Swiss cringe.


The Fass 57 threatened [Swiss army riffle(sic)]

The terrorist attacks that shook Europe in recent years explain this tougher legislation, but the European Union has had to recognize that none of them had been committed by legally purchased and possessed weapons.

Switzerland could be obligated to destroy hundreds of thousands of weapons and neutralize them. The EU has in his sights rifles with magazines with over 20 rounds and guns that stores more than 10. The assault rifle 57 is particularly threatened with its original magazine of 24 cartridges.

The Directive is currently being processed by Brussels. But it is clear that if it were to pass as is, anyone past active service or is not a member of a shooting club, no longer will have the right to own a firearm. (Nxp)"

[emphasis added]
So it appears likely that the Swiss WILL be neutralized unless they pull out of the Schengen open borders pact. The current Right will be downgraded to permission granted by outsiders.

I'm not Swiss, but if I were, I'd pull out of all EU commitments effective immediately and concurrently restore all border checkpoints. The EU does what every "socialist" dictatorship ultimately does: take away freedoms constantly but rather gradually. The frogs in the pot won't notice the ever rising temperature, right? Well, The British did and bolted. Hopefully the rest of the EU victims will notice as well.


Steven Satak said...

When firearms are outlawed, only outlaws will have firearms. I think the Swiss are a bit too smart to be caught like that. The EU is self-destructing as its NWO goals slowly come to light.

Rikalonius said...

I'm so sick of the EU. When I last visited Switzerland in 2003 they still had their border checkpoints despite no one else, except England having them. The more exposure they have to the EU the worse it gets for the great Republic. Swiss citizens, please, for the love all that is holy, dump the EU.

It is so obvious to anyone paying a scintilla of attention, that disarmament is the goal of the EU Super state.