Monday, September 19, 2016

Journalists And Complete Self-Unawareness

CNN Says Trump Bashing the Media Is ‘Like’ Saddam Hussein Destroying Democracy

"Donald Trump’s latest slap at the media was apparently too much for CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield and Dylan Byers to take. While reporting Trump’s ribbing the two insisted that undermining the media is both turning the U.S. into Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and somehow destroying democracy.

Banfield played a clip of Trump’s September 14 rally in New Hampshire where the GOP nominee joked that the press was stuck on a plane. From the dais Trump told the crowd, “I have really good news for you, I just heard that the press is stuck on their airplane, they can’t get here. I love it.”

Trump then informed his audience the press wanted him to delay the start of the rally so they had time to get to the venue. Naturally he refused to put off the rally just to satisfy the press.

This was all just too much to take for CNN host Ashleigh Banfield.

Sporting a look of concern, Banfield gazed into the camera and asked plaintively, “Why so much cheering?” She then said of the excited Trump supporters heard on the video clip, “Do people not realize, or are they forgetting the other critical element of it, either you have a media, or you have what I witnessed in Saddam’s era, and the Libyan’s era, where you never got to actually call yourself press or you’d go to jail for it.”

Banfield essential insisted that if you criticize a biased press you are necessarily imposing a Saddam-like tyranny on America.

Not to be outdone, CNN media reporter Dylan Byers brought up the recent Gallup poll that found more Americans than ever distrust the press. Byers insisted that the drop in trust is “largely fueled by Republicans” and their mistrust of the media as well as Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the press.

Byers claimed that all these attacks on the media are a “serious problem.”

“Because it is the role of the media to hold these candidates accountable, to hold both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates accountable,” Byers said. “When you lose that, when you start celebrating restriction of the media, when you start mocking the media, that becomes a serious problem for the very foundation of the democratic project and the American political system.”

Banfield then related an anecdote of her visit to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq that entailed her car driver telling her not to look directly at Saddam’s palace or they would “get in trouble.” This anecdote, she insisted, is ” the other side of this.”
It's interesting that they know the words, "both the Democratic and Republican". They have criminalized their own behavior by giving the federal crimes of Hillary (and the rapes of Bill) a complete pass. The press thus seems to believe their own lies. Besides being insanity, that is completely destructive of any appeal to "fourth estate" status as protectors of democracy. They are fully complicit in the crimes of the Left, from Obama's treason(s) to Hillary's treason(s) and Bill's rapes by the dozens, including the children on "rape island". (Bill Cosby will pay; Bill Clinton will be protected as always). The MSM is the propaganda arm of the Left. If they were not, we would not need to get our news from foreign sources and the internet alt-media which the Left is pushing to have censorship over. But of course it is Trump's fault because he isn't afraid to pull back their curtain, and mock what is found there.

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