Monday, September 12, 2016

Most Interesting Election Year EVER... cont'd.

Secrecy generates speculation which generates fun, fun, fun.

‘Expect emergency DNC meeting to CONSIDER replacement for Hillary,’ Dem operatives say

I saw one speculation today that I hope comes true: it would be so much fun to see Chelsea run for president for about 30 days. That could happen, of course, if Hillary craters in a major debate or otherwise is disabled in the public eye. Apparently the DNC can haul out another candidate, but only if the nominated candidate either agrees to it, or dies, or some such.

Sure, it's a crazy move, but Hillary wouldn't agree to putting Bernie in her place; the Clinton Foundation would founder and die if it were no longer a cash road to power for the cronies.

Chelsea would provide Gramma and Grampy Clinton access to the White House, and also would keep the Clinton Foundation fully viable for all the world's corruptocrats to have access to power for a mere fifty or a hundred million donation (They're shooting for billionaire class, now). It makes sense, and Chelsea's old enough apparently, or if not, well the Constitution is just incomprehensible anyway and it's old, too. But no novelist would concoct such a story, or such a family as the Clintons. Only the DNC, the cronies and the Leftists could create them.

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Xellos said...

According to what I've heard, there are technical difficulties to changing a candidate. There are deadlines for announcing the candidate names for the ballot and they've passed in many states by now.
Still, I want Hildebeast to barely survive until the election and keep the candidacy. With her campaign in shambles and only the most indoctrinated Dems voting for her, she can watch as she's demolished by Trump so clearly it's impossible to rig without second amendment people acting up. It'd be even better if she finished 3rd with her former disillusioned voters split up between the other 3 parties. And when her campaign is ashes, then she has my permission to die.
What sort of pity does a dying murderer and traitor deserve?