Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Now! Let AirBnB Fill Your House With Muslims

AirBnB Tweets:
We believe in a world where you can #BelongAnywhere. Today there are millions of displaced refugees in need of belonging somewhere.
Open borders for everyone, who "can #BelongAnywhere". So long as they don't have to assimilate, of course, or respect women, gays, western laws, and yet can demand to be fed, housed, free medical care and given simple, but lucrative jobs to which they might or might not show up. We must assimilate to their culture. Their culture is just as valid as any other.

I wonder what a house would look like after a few weeks of illegal aliens living in it. But, no matter. The important thing is to let everybody who shows up on your porch into your house, because... well, just because. And shut up.


Phoenix said...

The cover of the National Geographics latest issue reads:

"The New Face of Europe". With a muslim Turkish family on the cover photo.

Well, Europe has been fighting Christianity for centuries and finally managed to replace it with Islam. So much for Secularism.

Hugo Pelland said...

Phoenix, by replace you mean:
This pattern is expected to continue through 2030, when Muslims are projected to make up 8% of Europe’s population.