Thursday, September 8, 2016

OK Then.

Yeah! Jazz hands! I'm in.


Phoenix said...
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Phoenix said...

Being true to SJW logic, we can then also expect to read some of these topics soon:

"You can pee next to me"

"Abortion is cool. Go on...try it."

"It's only wrong if you're white"

"Guns are evil and their owners are racists"

And my personal favorite...

"Muhammad loved Jews, some of his best female captives were jewish"

Stan said...

"Stop being white; it makes me wanna puke"

"A Look At That Island Where We'll Keep All Men"

"'Allahu Ackbar' Really Means 'We Love You, Merkel"

"A Feminist Tries On A Bra; See What Happens Next!"

"Caught On Video: A Mob Of Professors Chasing a Conservative Off Campus, BUT: Aren't They Holding Their Pitchforks Backward?"

"Foldout: The Lena Dunham You Cannot Unsee Without Hypnosis"