Friday, September 2, 2016

Self-Righteousness as a Worldview

Back at the science fiction front, a couple of quotes lifted from Vox Day's post:
The Balkanization of SF/F

"A tolerance conversation (liberal to conservative) in SF/F often goes like this,
“Hello, I am a tolerant caring compassionate liberal, and you’re not. You will sit there and politely listen to all of my ideas and theories, and not say a word. I will sit here and listen to all of your ideas and theories, and then I will explain to you why you’re a dirty bigot and a hater and an evil human being. We will both agree I am right, and you will apologize for being bad.”
That, dear friends, is how “tolerance” works in SF/F at this time."

"Gradually, in dribs and drabs, the dominant left-wing culture of SF/F has traded in true tolerance, for a kind of totalitarian double-think 1984 version of tolerance — people and ideas labeled ‘intolerant’ don’t have to be tolerated. In 2016, with tender snowflakes floating around in SF/F like it’s a mild blizzard, anyone can be labeled ‘intolerant’ for any reason, logical or not."
[emphasis added]
Of course, the Left "hates" labeling, unless they are the ones doing it. For them, it's a lifestyle.

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