Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Updated: Busted: Video of Trump Car Destruction

Update: The video below by Joey Salads has been proven by Mark Dice to be a hoax (HT: Faith Walker):

Here's Mark Dice:

Original Post:
YouTuber Test: Car With Trump Stickers Looted, Destroyed By Black Youth

Posted By Tim Hains

On Date October 17, 2016

YouTube personality Joey Salads left a car laden with Trump paraphernalia in a parking lot of a "black neighborhood" and let a video camera capture what happened next. It took 30 minutes, according to the YouTube video, for locals to ravage and loot the car. The YouTuber did not identify what city his 'social experiment' took place in.

Joey Salads said bystanders did nothing to stop the group instead opting to cheer them on with 'F*ck Trump' chants.

JOEY SALADS: As you can see from this video, the black community is very violent towards Trump and his supporters. As I was filming this video, there were people shouting out their windows, 'F*** Trump.' After filming I talked to some of the spectators who are black, who said that they did low-key support Trump, but they were afraid of the backlash from their community.


Faith Walker said...

Mark Dice exposed Salads video as a hoax.


Stan said...

Thanks! I've updated the post to reflect this.

Phoenix said...

Here's a social experiment I'd love to see in a black neighborhood: Park your car on the side of the road with a picture of Omar Bashir (Sudanese President), who is responsible for the worst genocide on blacks apart from the Congo genocide, which was black on black.

My guess is that most blacks do not know who he is or just do not care. Whenever that monster visited African states, their officials refuse to arrest him. We all know why, because it's embarrassing to find out that the white man is NOT the worst thing that has happened to Africa and the black man.

Here's an interesting article written by a black man on this topic: Arab Racism Raises its Head in Sudan

Phoenix said...

Or maybe someone should start a trend with Bashir t-shirts, with a caption below a photo of his mug while holding a bloody knife that reads "Coming to an African state near you"