Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Graphing Rage

Barclays Warns ‘Politics of Rage’ Will Slow Global Growth
Globalization is fundamentally incompatible with rising nationalist anger.

The report echoes Harvard University economist Dani Rodrik’s earlier contention that democracy, sovereignty, and globalization represent a "trilemma." Expansion of cross-border trade links—and the attendant increase in the power of supranational authorities to adjudicate economic matters—is a direct threat to representative democracy, and vice-versa.

The Left insists on "identity" as a sociological and cultural marker for the value of a "person". But the Left also wants total obeisance to themselves as the rulers of the Global Order which they will install: a "good" person is an obedient person. But the identity of all persons does not start with the planet (as devoted Earthlings), it starts with local culture and builds from there.

Loss of sovereignty to the elites is purely insane. But it has been slowly dragged in that direction over the past 70 years, ever since WWII, using the attritional tactic of Hegelian hegemony, the compromise of "synthesis" toward ever-Leftward antithesis. The elites don't want your input; they respect no mandate of the people. They want what they want, and nothing/no-one else matters.

It will take even more rage, and the implementation of forceful, rational measures to stop the Leftist onslaught against the personal identities which they don't respect, and in fact, hate. Under Utopia there is only one opinion allowed, and you will be told what that is by those who invent it.

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