Thursday, October 6, 2016

Moderation is back on

For a three-fer: Stardusx is banned, as are Dude and Boom. I do wish there were a child-filter that could be enabled.


Steven Satak said...

Eh, they'll come up with new 'nyms and then they'll be back. Bored kids. What're ya gonna do?

Stan said...

They already did, and are deleted.

Steven Satak said...


yonose said...

Pseudoskepticism is just so funny,

Though is also a waste of resourceful data bandwidth. Man, those people love to self-aggrandize with the help of teh tubes.

For those ailments, New Atheists should Download More RAM!! :) :) :)


Steven Satak said...

yonose, I don't understand, how does this site work?

yonose said...

Hello Steven!

First, I must Apologize with you, by not mentioning it earlier.

That website is quite trollish, and loud and proud with senseless geekdom.

Alas, it's useless, because RAM is Hardware, and the only possible way nowadays to have a semblance of RAM by using non-volatile storage --be it a HDD, or an Hybrid Drive, or an SSD--, is by having a swap space and whether it is used as a visible partition or not, depends of the Operational System you use (Basically almost any contemporary Operational System known to humanity has this feature, no matter if Windows/ReactOS, Linux, Mac OSX/OS, *BSD, SmartOS/illumos/OpenIndiana).

Because New Atheists spend valuable bandwidth by filling the net with senseless banter, my sarcastic advice is to get them to "Download more RAM" :)

You know, because some few tubes (the internet) are being clogged with New Atheist junk -- (sarcasm!!!!)

No sweat! :)

Kind Regards!!