Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ok then, Hillary


I am with her said...

Steven Satak said...

Oh, wonderful. We have a Yahoo comment troll now. Sorry, sweetie, but closing your eyes, covering your ears and screaming 'LALALALALA' doesn't count as reasoned discourse anywhere but in an atheist echo chamber.

Steven Satak said...
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I am with her said...

Yes, there are flaws and concerns, as there would be with anyone who has danced in the minefield of public life for 40 years. Clinton can be disturbingly secretive and has made a few big errors, the most significant being her use of a private email server during her tenure at the State Department. But the FBI says it has cleared her of any criminal wrongdoing and she has repeatedly admitted that she was wrong to leave all that sensitive information in such a vulnerable spot.

If she is elected, Clinton would be well advised to be much more transparent and to wall herself and her administration off from the influence of lobbyists.

Trump's outsider candidacy did at least start out with some good intentions. He was more willing to challenge the GOP's religious right, and he took a more critical view of the last Republican presidency than other candidates. He also avoided special-interest money, making it easier for him to take on issues like campaign finance and too big to fail without being beholden.

But, as it played out, his entire campaign was based on divisive, bigoted and insulting rhetoric. On lies about how bad things are. On a promise to fix things by basically being a dictator. It was all designed to inflame a vocal minority of us who haven't adjusted to the fact that the America where white males brought home the bacon from secure factory jobs — and didn't have to deal with a globe of different ethnic backgrounds — is gone for good.


Building a new future for those angry people, and for the rest of us, will be a tall order. But the refreshing fact that even many leading Republicans are scurrying to get themselves, and their party, away from the stain of Trump offers some hope that a President Clinton and the leaders of Congress, even if it remains in Republican hands, can get past eight years of gridlock and work together to make the hard choices that lie ahead.

Utah Republicans were perceptive enough to reject Trump in their March presidential caucus voting. Were they to support Clinton now, even by the narrowest of pluralities, it would send a strong message to the Republican Party to turn their backs on Trumpism and to work with Clinton where they can, rather than devote themselves to blocking her every move.

Clinton has been around a long time and acquired considerable baggage. Trump is astoundingly unfit. Thus are many good people casting around for some other choice. Many will be tempted to vote for a third party or an independent candidate, if only as a protest. Considering all options is always a good idea.

But the fact is that the next president of the United States will be one of two people, one eminently qualified and painfully forged, the other a total disgrace. Serious voters will focus on that.

And the best choice, without a doubt, is Hillary Clinton.

-- Salt Lake Tribune, 10/12/16

I am with her said...

Donald Trump is making endorsement history — and not in a good way

Donald Trump loves breaking records. He has boasted about earning more votes in a Republican presidential primary than any candidate in history and helping set a new mark for debate viewership.

But lately Trump has been breaking endorsement records at various news outlets — and not in the good way. Publications that have backed the Republican Party nominee for decades are refusing to do so. Some that have rarely, if ever, endorsed a Democrat — or any candidate at all — have done just that.

The latest examples are Foreign Policy magazine, which on Sunday bestowed on Hillary Clinton the first-ever endorsement in its history, and the Columbus Dispatch, which backed Clinton the same day, marking the first time in a century that the newspaper had supported a Democrat.

Here's an excerpt from Foreign Policy:

Our readers depend on FP for insight and analysis into issues of national security and foreign policy. We feel that our obligation to our readers thus extends now to making clear the great magnitude of the threat that a Donald Trump presidency would pose to the United States.
And here's a bit of what the Columbus Dispatch wrote:

For us, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is not pleasant, but it isn’t difficult. Republican candidate Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States. Democrat Hillary Clinton, despite her flaws, is well-equipped for the job.

In case you've lost track, here is a rundown of the decades-long endorsement streaks Trump has broken so far:

I am with her said...

In case you've lost track, here is a rundown of the decades-long endorsement streaks Trump has broken so far:

Foreign Policy: first endorsement in 46 years
Atlantic: first endorsement in 52 years
USA Today: first 'disendorsement' in 34 years
Arizona Republic: first endorsement of a Democrat in 126 years
Cincinnati Enquirer: first endorsement of a Democrat in 100 years
Columbus Dispatch: first endorsement of a Democrat in 100 years
Dallas Morning News: first endorsement of a Democrat in 76 years
Detroit News: first endorsement of a non-Republican (Libertarian Gary Johnson) in 143 years
Union Leader of Manchester, N.H.: first endorsement of a non-Republican (Libertarian Gary Johnson) in 100 years
Less than a month from Election Day, Trump is still without a single daily newspaper endorsement. Though he loves to rail against the "biased" media, some of the publications that are rejecting him now have traditionally been locks for Republican nominees.

As he's often boasted, Trump really is making history — just not the kind of history he'd like.

Xellos said...

Oh boy, this gon b gud.

"If she is elected, Clinton would be well advised to be much more transparent and to wall herself and her administration off from the influence of lobbyists."
What a brilliant piece of advice! One has to wonder why she hasn't managed that during her long career in politics and why she'd even start now.

"But the FBI says it has cleared her of any criminal wrongdoing"
False. By the FBI's own admission, "In our system, the prosecutors make the decisions about whether charges are appropriate based on evidence the FBI has helped collect.": FBI does not (or should not) clear convict or clear someone of charges - it investigates and makes recommendations to the DoJ. They do not recommend prosecution, but mention that "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions." - the whole statement is finely worded "she'd be found guilty if she wasn't Hillary Clinton".

The FBI is walking a thin line - if they say something damning, Comey can end up committing suicide by several fatal gunshots to the back of the head. Or killed in a mugging in his own neighbourhood, despite the mugger not taking anything. Or dying of natural causes by decapitation. Of course they won't recommend prosecution.

"But, as it played out, his entire campaign was based on divisive, bigoted and insulting rhetoric."
Spout more liberal buzzwords, please.

"On lies about how bad things are."
This is fine.

"On a promise to fix things by basically being a dictator."
Modern meaning of dictator: "someone I don't like".
Original meaning: a magistrate in the Roman Republic wielding absolute power and appointed in times of crisis by the Roman Senate. Sounds good.

Xellos said...

"It was all designed to inflame a vocal minority of us who haven't adjusted to the fact that the South Africa where white males brought home the bacon from secure factory jobs — and didn't have to deal with a globe of different ethnic backgrounds — is gone for good."
said people after the apartheid ended. Let's see how great it is now: pic1 pic2 pic3 - the fact that there have to be billboards for this is already fucked up; look up necklacing, article1 article 2. How progressive, isn't it?
You seek to make USA a third-world nation and to exterminate or enslave white men. Fortunately, Trump is getting elected and you'd get the short end of the stick in a civil war.

"But lately Trump has been breaking endorsement records at various news outlets — and not in the good way. Publications that have backed the Republican Party nominee for decades are refusing to do so. Some that have rarely, if ever, endorsed a Democrat — or any candidate at all — have done just that."
That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's noticed that the Democrats and Republicans are just two heads of the One Party (to borrow from Fred), even though they have different voter bases. Throughout the primaries, they have been trying to ruin Trump and even after being forced to nominate him (at the GOP convention, there were shouts "we want Trump, we want Trump"), they've been subtly working against him.

That's nothing but reasons to vote for him. Lack of endorsements, or reluctant endorsements (see Cruz after not endorsing the party nominee became a threat for his reelection) by insiders only goes to show that Trump really is an anti-establishment candidate. It utterly rules out the possibility of him being controlled opposition. Anyway, it's not endorsements from the ivory towers that get someone elected - it's the unity of people who have realised the liberal threat and finally have a way to stop it.


At least you're transparent about being paid for this, $hill.

Xellos said...

In other news, Glenn Beck declares for his master.

Stan said...

Endorsing a treasonous, amoral criminal is not rational.

Stan said...

If endorsement by the media is the best recommendation a candidate can get, then that candidate is a member of the ruling clerisy, and is not fit for a bottom-up democracy/republic state which is constitutionally responsible to the people.

What the media thinks no longer has any intellectual or moral value regarding the constitutional structuring of the United States of America - and is in fact, borderline treasonous itself as a class. In fact, what the media thinks can be taken as a map for the wrong direction, including the media previously Republican. The destruction of the Republican/traitor party is the entire first issue of this election year.

Of all the candidates, only Donald Trump has sufficient Will To Power and correct focus to salvage what is left of this nation, brought to its knees under the anti-constitutional destruction brought about by the conjunction of Obama, Obamacrats, and pusillanimous, amoral, leftist Republicans, who enabled all of the Obama atrocities on this nation.

The first priority has nearly been met: the destruction of the malignant crony Republican strangle-hold on the previously constitutionalist segment of the polity.

The second priority - destruction of the socialist, one-world, crony/criminal polity of the Democrat party - will occur in November, IFF there are enough constitutionalists left in the voter blocks, AND if the elections are honest; both of those conditions are questionable.

Should the third priority be enabled, it will involve the destruction of the leftist stranglehold on the entire federal bureaucracy; the fourth priority will be to restore the Supreme Court to the constitutional focus on supporting the US Constitution instead of creating law outside the constitution.

As for the MSM, they will pass away from moral atrophy, OR they will become the Pravda clones which, as parasitic cronies, is what they want.

Stan said...

It's a perverse "moral and ethical" theory which can choose the treasonous, rape support, political and cultural rape of the entire Middle East corridor by enabling massive terrorist assaults on the populace, weakening the US Military in the face of aggression from China, Russia, and opening our borders to all comers by the use of catch and release including by-night transport of illegals to all corners of the USA.

Glenn Beck's influence will quite possibly not survive the coming, necessary purge of leftist radicals from the constitutionalist nation, which is in the process of being recaptured from the traitors.

If the rule of law no longer applies to the ruling class, and it obviously doesn't, then the rule of law also doesn't apply to the entire nation.

Mark said...

It takes a particular kind of self-delusional person to think that every single newspaper and experienced political experts is wrong, but they are right. Nothing can convince such self-absorbed individuals. Truth doesn't matter. Facts don't matter. Gut feelings is all they care about.

Many old white males are pissed off by diversity. They cannot wrap their head around the fact that they are not the only smart ones around. Heck, they might actually be worse than the average but they just cannot see it!

So sad.

But they're losing right now, so thankfully the overall popular opinion will prove them wrong.

Stan said...

Diversity is one of the main mantras of the idiotry, that is the case. But the factual problem is that the idiotry wish to incorporate the concept of the equality of all but one worldview. They will be "inclusive" of all the destructive ideologies that are possible, while being exclusive of the rational western precepts under which they temporarily prosper. The hatred of democracy and old white men is a mental illness which is functionally suicidal.

If the USA elects the demonstrated criminal traitor, Hillary Clinton, then the USA deserves the obvious consequences of that self-destructive worldview.

The idea that "Diversity" is a moral concept which overrides legal restrictions on behavior is, by its nature, an anti-rational, anti-cultural, anti-peace, anti-civilized concept of mindless revolution by proxy.

But Leftists always eat their own, and the revolutionaries are bloodied in volume by their replacement dictators, which they never, ever see coming. That's history which old men have seen during their lifetimes, and which you millennials have no clue even exists. For that you can thank your Leftist maleducation by ideology rather than by historical reality.

Robert Coble said...

Nothing quite says "IDIOTS!" like mandating "diversity" at a "university."

yonose said...

Such a situation in your country indicates how crazy some of your people had become.

Diversity should not be about socially engineering people into its most indulgent, shallow characteristics. It should be about a partial cultural assimilation in balance with the positive traits you have had acquired from your natal country's cultural constructs.

If these social engineering techniques are so far fetched into some developed countries then some measure have to be taken, when time is due.

Kind Regards.

Der6382 said...

Diversity is a non-issue. Trump is not competent and has no realistic plan for America. That's why all these newspapers, even the ones who never endorsed a Democrat ever before, can't stand behind Trump.


Stan said...

Diversity actually IS an issue, if you are the Hillary half of the USA which push that narrative every day. That means that like it or not, it IS an issue for the NEVERHillary half of the USA, as well. By denying that obvious fact, you give your credibility a jolt to the crotch.

Nobody cares what these newspapers claim or think. I sure don't. By endorsing prior Republicans they have actually supported the cowardly, Democrat-lite, anti-constitutionalists who form the husk of what once was a decent constitutional, counter-balance to the raging anarchic Left.

And claiming that Trump is incompetent is a laugh-riot. Especially coming from a Leftist, government-please-pay-my-bills type.

Trump's appeal is precisely that Republicans hate him; the populace hates the Republicans and chooses Trump to destroy them. The entire Republican party needs to be purged, and the empty shell disinfected. Either Trump will continue to do that, or the USA will follow Hillary over the cliff and into the abyss which awaits all Leftist totalitarians.

You might want to look into the recent history of Venezuela; I'm sure you have no idea about the fate of all socialist totalitarian New Man ideologies. The maleducation system and the totally leftist MSM will not print a word about that. So look it up, or remain ignorant; it's your choice.

Mark said...

Geez you are one freaky pirate man. What makes you think that anything said here shows some Lefty totalitarian Venezuelan love?!? That dude just pointed out the obvious: TRUMP IS INCOMPETENT WHEN IT COMES TO RUNNING THE COUNTRY. Hillary is not great for sure but for fuck sake at least she knows how a government work!

If you think cartoons are arguments and that you never need to show any other sources, it tells a lot about your childish approach. Basically you want to run an experiment with our country because boohoo cry-babies like you want the evil big shots in DC to do things another way. You're soooooo lost.

Shut down your blog.

Bob said...

Pwahaha omfg the stupid is strong with this one. Stupid conservatives were fooled by liberals in disguise. Trump ain't no conservatives and people like Milo yiannopoulos made it clear that they want to kill the old GOP so that it cannot push its stupid ass backward social agenda. Hahaha what a train wreck.

Stan said...

You might be right on this. But El Destructo is the only hope we have (by "we" I mean those of us who care about a nation of laws, which apply uniformly to all citizens).

Hillary supporters are directly responsible for the continuation of cronyism which will enrich the very rich as well as the Clintons (who are now very rich, and have never worked a day).

But you are wrong about Milo, and certainly you push that false conception on purpose.

The Democrats use the blacks and minorities, and then drop them like hot potatoes. If Trump does anything at all for those demographics, it will be more than the Dems did in the past 50 years... unless you consider men in the girl's showers to be progress.

The Dems don't have a social agenda; they have an agenda for destroying opposition, and nothing more.

Bob said...

Waitttttt what how can I be wrong about Milo!? he explicitly said he never wants the GOP to win again LOL

mostly agree on the Dems though, but it's still better than crazy ass Trump! He knows nothing, talks shit all the time and no he doesnt care about a nation of uniform laws AT ALL he said he would apply stop and frisk in specific areas and take guns away from black neighborhoods ffs!

Stan said...

And I agree with Milo: I never want the (old school) Republicans to win either. And I agree with Trump: war zones require war-time tactics, it's insane not to. Especially when the "warriors" are fools who shoot innocent children for gang initiation. They already live in places where guns are illegal to own without a permit which is nearly impossible to get, especially for a 14 year old banger. In a war, going from house to house to look for weapons is standard. Nothing new.

Steven Satak said...

Or, alternately, *you* could grow up.

Bob said...

War!? Geeeeeez it's bad in some places but... Ok.... I'll just leave this here, 2 interesting pieces from a not so great author but well put. Peace, out.

Xellos said...

Linking to That's like considering a psychic medium an authority on philosophy.

Stan said...

This is the first reference to that has been produced here as some sort of definitive evidence for [something]. I pass. Now I might check out a source from Looney nah. We all know that the real answer is 42, although I think that 37 is funnier, plus it's a prime.
Point,set,game QED.

Bob said...

Geez you guys are stupid...... it's not a source, it's just a commentary piece, and it's posted on a thread with just a fucking cartoon!@!

Steven Satak said...

Sorry, but your insult and your cussing automatically relegate your comment to the trashbin. Please try again when you reach age 18.

Steven Satak said...
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Stan said...

Unless your subsequent comments are made without the juvenile insults, no more of your comments will be allowed. First/Last warning.