Friday, October 21, 2016

"The Crooked Media’s Selective Orgasms of Privileged Outrage"

Glenn Reynolds:
2016 Tabloid Simplicity: Public and Private Positions vs Private Parts
Self-proclaimed media of record try their best to ignore wrongdoing by powerful liberals

"Despite the apology, The Donald faces a relentless media tsunami of unproven allegations—allegations of pinching and groping and unwanted squeezes and lecherous looks.

Media tsunamis are a type of public accountability. However, we live an in era where the self-proclaimed media of record try their best to ignore wrongdoing by powerful liberals or, that tactic failing, attempt to justify them. As a result, liberals enjoy a comparatively unrestrained presumption of Media Privilege. American media tsunamis are thus a highly selective form of public accountability. They overwhelmingly slam Republicans and they slam with calculated political malice and mud.

Hillary’s public face, the one she presents American voters, is a lie.

A media outrage tsunami struck poor Mitt Romney—because the Romney family dog rode in a carrier on the roof of the family car. Why, Clintonite Lanny Davis declared this canine travesty proved Romney unfit to serve as president.

Unfit, Lanny? Romney was the man who called Vladimir Putin’s Russia America’s “number one geo-political foe” and Barack Obama mocked him for it. As the linked article notes, in 2012 Obama told Russia’s then-president Dmitry Medvedev to tell ole Vlad that after the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign he (Obama) would have more flexibility in addressing the Kremlin’s concerns. Who was right about the Kremlin, Lanny? Mitt or Barack?

Whether or not they support Trump, many conservatives are fed up with the crooked media’s selective orgasms of privileged outrage. As a result, a media tsunami’s power to inflict permanent damage has waned."
The media began morphing into Marxist scum the minute that television went national via the networks. If I recall correctly, NBC tumbled last but when it went over, it went hard. The power of the unelected elites in the daily home invasions was too obvious and too effective to leave to the cultural norms of actual morality. That power was one of the first to be usurped in the Left's long march through the institutions.

But unlike the political structure, the media is being starved due to an unintended consequence of technology. The internet, a free zone so far, has provided alternate sources of media. Which is why the Left wants to "regulate" that free zone, and why Obama gave the control of that free zone away. When the internet is lost to the patrols of thought police, well, who knows where we will wind up.

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