Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bad Advice to the Left From The Federalist

Dear Lefties: If You Don’t ‘Feel Safe,’ You Can Always Buy Some Guns

Leftists will shoot themselves or other Leftists or the kid/cat next door because they know NOTHING about guns. Here's what they "know" about guns: guns are possessed and they zip around killing people. You know: "Guns kill people". They don't know how not to hurt themselves and innocents with guns. Look at the picture at the hed of the Federalist article: the guy has his finger on the trigger! When Leftists parade guns around in Congress whining about how evil they are, they had their fingers on the triggers! Leftists are not smart enough to be around guns. They just aren't.

I think it's highly unlikely that many or maybe any Leftists will buy a gun. They are afraid of guns. Deathly afraid. Guns are not their thing. Fire is the Leftist's thing, good for burning out opposition political centers and cars and entire blocks of stores. Crowbars to windows of cars, that's a Leftist thing. Bricks through store windows for looting, that's a Leftist thing. Guns, not so much a Leftist thing.

Oh, except for Hillary, of course.

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Steven Satak said...

But Stan! Don't you understand? Guns are a gateway drug to Objective Reality. To own one is to have the power of Life and Death. You've graduated from the Molotov cocktail and the rocks of Leftist temper tantrums to the world of the Real.

Some... maybe many... will be sobered by this and begin their transformation. After all, if they do not at least have the makings of a grownup, they would not have taken that important first step of gun ownership. You yourself were once counted among the lost. So long as they live, even vile Morlocks can be redeemed.

It's our job, should it fall to us, to teach these new potential conservatives to keep their fingers OFF the trigger.