Wednesday, November 9, 2016


One of the most important consequences of this election is the total destruction of any thoughts of truthfulness emanating from the MSM. The media even knows it, for the most part. The MSM has been ruminating about "whatever could have caused this unbelievable event". And still some can't see beyond their evil biases:
"Cokie Roberts: ‘Probably’ ‘A Strong Sentiment About Not Having a Woman President’"
I strongly suspect that most of the media will not be able to see beyond their prejudice against those who disagree, those who must be consumed by evil intent if they disagree with the elite moral proclamations.

Hillary is probably the absolute worst female in the entire nation to put forth as an icon for the first female president. That the Left can't see that fully demonstrates their moral and practical blindness to anything outside the Leftist Narrative du jour: we MUST have a female president immediately (no matter how evil, how criminal, how arrogant).

There is little chance that the Left will comprehend what has happened here, and why this is historic for reasons other than the coronation of Hillary.

Because of that, the following years will be ones of considerable conflict because the Leftist Moral Principles will still blind them to the consequences of their actions. The Left is inherently violent. The "demonstrations" following the election are fully expected, because they cannot tolerate any influence outside their own. The Left is inherently intolerant as well as violent; that calculates out to totalitarian. If they can't control, then they will leave. Or if they can't leave, then they will burn it down. That's been the Leftist modus operendi for the last century.

Trump will be forced to act against this insurrection. That could produce more of it.

It will be an interesting term for Trump.

Trump is the effect of a cause; the cause is the Leftist imposition of Leftist ideology and controls onto an unwilling and free people. There are enough free people remaining, so far, that the Leftists will lose ground at least for a while.

Interesting times.

Prognostication: Hillary will skate having been pardoned by Obama. She will lose donors to her foundation, due to her loss of political influence. But she will remain free and filthy... rich.

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