Monday, November 14, 2016

George Lopez Might Just Leave

George Lopez: I’ll Give Trump a Chance… to ‘Suck My Ass’
The best response to George was this comment:
" Julio Pizana:

This Pendejo does not represent Latinos or Mexican Americans how can he , he is from California there is only Mexicans that are what we consider engavachados so don't push those people on us my friend, we hold our America in higher standers . I have lived in California for a little while and only found Mexican Americans that spoke very little Spanish only a few words here and there and what a joke they are.... Go Trump the only person that will do good for all Americans...Don't get me wrong I am sure that there are a lot of good Latinos that don't agree with a person that makes a living out of putting his race down, so no this Pendejo does not lead us.."
And then this:
"Virgil Sollozzo:

It's been a week now, and this just keeps getting better everyday.. The shear tonnage of devastated half wits shooting off their mouths confirms how critical this victory was to America's survival, and I am still shamelessly wallowing in George Lopez and other's misery.. After eight years of this country being governed against it's will, we deserve to bask in this, so I would encourage all to do so unapologetically...

These Breitbart "celebrity" stories used to irritate the hell out of me.. The bitching, whining, moaning, and lecturing.. The accusations of hate, bigotry, etc. that flowed from these uneducated brain stems who thought they had something important to say based solely on their ability to play pretend for a living was hard to take.. But now I realize that these people are at least in part responsible for Trump's victory, unintentionally of course, and for that I am grateful.. Their condescending hatefulness towards the people who make the country work, and pay their salaries, blew up in their smug faces..

George Lopez is irrelevant.. He's a non enity, and he influences no one.. But I must admit that his temper tantrums do amuse me now...

Yep, best week of my life so far --- seeing all these liberal idiots go nuts! Fun, fun and more fun. Just doesn't get any better than this."

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