Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Because They Are Our Enemies

Hillary or Blood? Democrats and Post-Election Angry Mobs

But there is certainly an informal dispute against Trump by the millions protesting across the country—as aimless as it might seem. In that sense, malcontent Democrats this year are behaving more similar those Democrats chanting “Tilden or blood” after the 1876 election.

Occasionally, these marches led to riots. The walkouts by high school students, some encouraged by teachers and administrators, led to one 15-year-old Trump supporter getting beat up by class mates, while other acts of violence have taken place against those who admitted to voting for the president-elect.

The violence is not that different from what happened in 1876 when Democrats were demanding that year’s popular vote winner Samuel Tilden be president, as it seemed Republican Rutherford B. Hayes would likely ascend to the presidency. From “Tainted by Suspicion:”
As the Democrats occupy the criminal-Leftist portion of the political spectrum, it becomes obvious that they are not our friends, or even civil opponents; they are our enemies, they hate us, they cannot tolerate us or our principles. They have long since declared war on us and our principles, and now that they have lost a battle, their true nature comes to the fore.

The fight is not over; it's hardly begun in earnest. It will take us wherever it is necessary.

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Phoenix said...

Some Leftists are even now demanding Trump publicly denounce the anti-Trump violent protests, as if the rioters will listen to him.

Robert Coble said...

The illogic is staggering:

Trump must denounce the violent protests of those who are opposed to him - because the Leftists who violently oppose him and foment the violent protests demand it! Otherwise, Trump is solely responsible for the violent protests.

In short, no matter what, Trump is responsible for every bad thing that happens, thereby justifying violent protests to get rid of Trump.

Precious little snowflakes, please return to your safe spaces and stay out of the real world. You are in danger of completely melting. Time for more warm puppies, a latte, and some coloring books and crayons, provided with a staff of psychologists to sooth your troubled (lack of a) mind. Just learn to accept those backwards straps on your straitjacket; they are there to protect you (and everybody else).

Phoenix said...

Exactly Robert, the illogic is staggering indeed. The violent protests are being committed in Hillary and Obamas' names. If there is to be any condemnation against the violence then it should come from these Democrats. After all, it is not Trump supporters burning cars, beating up cops and issuing rape and death threats in his name.

Leftists, just like their Atheist counter parts are subhuman, and you cannot reason with someone who thinks of himself as being an animal.