Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Post-Truth Leftist Haters Gonna Hate

GAFFNEY: The ‘Big Lie’ Is Back

Much in evidence among such “old-fashioned techniques” now being employed is what’s known as “the Big Lie.” It entails the endless repetition of outrageous falsehoods to defame, and ultimately silence, one’s political opponents.

Three good men Donald Trump has selected for key strategic and national security positions are currently getting the Big Lie treatment: his White House Counsel Steve Bannon, Attorney General-designate Senator Jeff Sessions, and incoming National Security Advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. They are being relentlessly vilified as “racists,” “bigots” and “haters.”
If the Left doesn't like you, they have just a few words for you: Racist. Misogynist. Bigot. Hater.

It's just what they do, all they know. They don't need facts, because there is no truth outside the narrative; there is only the narrative, and the BIG LIE is the fundamental premise of the narrative.

So these lies hold some weight within the Leftist cult, only because they are virtue signalling. Not because they are true, because - again - there is no truth for the Leftist.

What do they accomplish with their false charges? Nothing, of course, for those who do value truth. But within the cult itself it enrages the drones to frothy hatred, racism and bigotry. And their hatred, racism and bigotry is highly self-righteous and self-justified elitist morality, as morality is understood by the Left. In other words, it is self-justified by Leftist, elitist moral arbiters for the universe.

Leftist elitist self-righteous morality dominated the 20th century in places like China, USSR, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, Viet Nam, and now stands out in Venezuela. Intellectual honesty would recognize that. But honesty requires some conception of truth beyond narrative. Leftists do not have anything like that.

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