Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Trump's election represents a "hostile takeover" of the White House, upending the political order with a new brand of politics that doesn't neatly fit into the existing bipartisan framework, said Curt Nichols, a political science professor at Baylor University who has studied how presidential elections affect the reordering of American politics."
An 'Obama era' crashes as Donald Trump takes White House
Damn Right! The "bipartisan framework" was actually a governance by a single, leftist elite class of crony self-enriching bastards. The flyovers were reviled, and still are, by these contemptibles.

I wasn't sure that there would be enough freedom-oriented, free speech and constitution-lovers remaining, sufficient to overthrow the Leftist contemptibles. It was close.

And some of the pundits are right: compromise with the Leftist contemptibles is not on the table. Like the Californians and Hollywood scum, they can either leave completely or they can join under constitutional law. The Leftist contemptibles do not consider any laws or any constitutional restrictions to apply to themselves. They are lawless. There is no need to compromise with the lawless.

There is no need to compromise with the lawless.


Phoenix said...

At an address delivered in historic Gettysburg last month, Mr Trump laid out a “contract with the American people” that would begin with a “very busy first day”

He proceeded to detail 24-hours designed to erase traces of Barack Obama's presidency and set America on a protectionist, nativist, track.

Let's start with chucking that Quran in the trash bin.

Stan said...

Yes, by all means.

And erasing Obama's assault on the USA will require a yuge party afterward!

Still, the problem of Leftist violence, riots, looting and burning will have to be dealt with. Maybe there should be more walls, surrounding certain blue-model trouble spots.