Monday, November 28, 2016

Recount: Quote of the Day

It’s almost as if Jill Stein, a regular on Russia Today TV, is pursuing a strategy calculated to foment chaos. But we’re not hearing anything about that from the people who’ve been seeing Russkis under their beds for months.
Glenn Reynolds
The most cogent estimate of the reasons for the recount that I've read is that if the recounts are not finished by Dec 19, then the electoral vote cannot happen, throwing the issue into Congress, which will vote Trump anyway. That would mean that he was elected by politicians, not the people, so that would somehow diminish his stature.

Trump is right to push the issue of illegal votes. In vote recounts the Dems always find box loads of extra Dem votes that show up at the most convenient time for them. And the statistical analysis which shows 3 million illegals voted still stands.

White House denies that Russia hacked election for Donald Trump win

The Obama administration confirmed the 2016 results, telling the New York Times that the presidential contest "accurately reflects the will of the American people."

That certification follows bipartisan questions about the validity of the electoral system before and after Election Day. But according to the White House, both sides are misguided.
So the Executive Branch has certified the election results.

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