Thursday, November 17, 2016

Relativism As Post-Truth Leftism

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Steven Satak said...

It simply astounds me, the overblown rhetoric spouted by such founts of wisdom as Esquire.

"South Park Has Finally Accepted Donald Trump As President. And It's Terrifying."

Because I *always* look to South Park for my cues on how to handle an incoming President.

"As I said last week, the absurdity of our country's real-life predicament might have broken South Park. Finding a way to satirize the country embracing racist rhetoric under the leadership of an unqualified buffoon is not only difficult, but it feels almost wrong, like mocking a national tragedy."

Except, no one seems to be able to find an incident which actually shows any of this to be true outside the paranoid Leftist fantasies of 'magazines' like Esquire.

But they have their function. Like Yahoo, the more they squeal in outrage over meaningless, made-up drivel, the more I am sure our incoming President is doing the job I elected him for...