Monday, November 14, 2016

The Left Coast Secedes

Leftexit takes off:
the state escape
Renegade states plan to pull off their own Brexit and ditch the US for Canada

Or maybe we invade those states, and drive everyone North to Canada, like a big cattle drive. If they want Canada, they should GO to Canada. We can resettle those states with normal people. We could get the roads paved, instead of high speed rails to nowhere, and pampering illegal aliens.

A realistic thought is that Arizona can shut off the water to California, and see what happens. But don't let them out of CA, or they'll ruin the rest of the country too.


Debunking Atheists said...

Dude!!! You do know you'll be doing that to me, since I live here in the People's Republic of California. We can try to do things your way, or would do what I do and that is, live here and fight locally, from within, talking to our neighbors, and surrounding, and try to change at the grassroots level. Keep you enemies close.

A better plan brother, join me. I'll make lemonade from our lemon trees at the house. I'll take you west to the beach where we can discuss things, or if you prefer, we can head east for some snowboarding in the mountains. Whatever we prefer, since its all a few hours from each other. :)

Debunking Atheists said...

I will add, it's a great place to be now. Conversations with the neighbors are so enjoyable these days. :)

Stan said...

I thought all the sane folks had left the Left Coast. Good luck in your ventures.

Just can't give all the beaches, mountains, deserts, forests to Canada, though. The Leftists can go to Canada, but not the terrain.