Sunday, November 20, 2016

They Never Change

Harry Reid Blames Donald Trump for Violence Against Trump Supporters

Obama Refuses to Condemn Anti-Trump Riots, Violence Against Trump Supporters

Soros would cut off their allowances if they didn't support the Leftist rioters.


Steven Satak said...

As if that weren't an out-and-out example of hypocrisy, I note that GQ Magazine - not my go-to for incisive political wisdom - has issued an article on incoming VP Mike Pence.

Apparently his poor treatment by the cast of the play 'Hamilton' was actually *part of a devious plan by Trump to make the Left look bad*. No shit. "The president-elect is learning to use healthy dissent to his advantage, and that’s terrifying."

Leaving aside the boilerplate state-of-fear language (really, 'terrifying'?) and obvious virtue-signaling, this article is nothing more or less than an attempt not only to completely avoid any responsibility or accountability for their behavior - but to blame it all on their hated foe.

In other words, "Look what you made me do!!!"

Those are the words of the permanently insane. The cherry on top is that they have employed "Shut Up" to their own website, permitting no comments whatever in response to their flailing.

What a bunch of pansies. Next to the writers at GQ, Milo Yiannopoulos looks like John Wayne. GQ should stick to grooming tips.

Stan said...

" Next to the writers at GQ, Milo Yiannopoulos looks like John Wayne."


Steven Satak said...

It gets worse.

Not even a week after the election, while grown men and women march in the streets screaming "NOT MY PRESIDENT!!", the Left is attempting to marginalize President-elect Trump even further... by claiming THEY were the ones responsible for his popularity and his win.

This admission costs them nothing. They follow one set of rules and the rest of us are held to another. It's their goal to show that Donald Trump would be NOTHING without them. Which, if you believe their twisted, ego-driven 'logic', suggests they're somehow still in control.

Somehow. Meanwhile, to those of us living in or near the real world, they just look what they are - people who have traded their ability to reason for a chance to fee their egos without end.