Monday, November 14, 2016

Today's Political Reality

Nuke ’Em: Priming the Senate for Necessary Action

If you’re puzzled by the conflict between the Democrats’ proclamations that they’re willing to give President-elect Trump a chance and the many riots against Trump taking place every night since the election, don’t be. The fact that none of the Dems’ leadership from Hillary Clinton on down have asked for calm and condemned the rioting is enough to prove that they’ve not missed a beat between Hillary’s campaign and Mr. Trump’s imminent presidency.

They’re still in the “no justice, no peace” frame of mind. Justice, to them, consisted of Hillary winning the election, and they won’t allow anything resembling political peace because she didn’t.
Justice, Fairness, Truth, Law, and Civility are purely relativistic terms in the view of the Left. Those things exist only when they get what they want. Otherwise, they do not exist.

The Left, under the despicable Harry Reid, used the nuclear option to pass ObamaCare. But the Republican Mith McConnell will not use the nuclear option to stop the Leftist filibusters, and thus he is one of the Useless Republicans that needs to be replaced. The battle against the Left is far from over. Were I Trump, I would let McConnell know that nothing he does will be signed into law until he uses the nuclear option where it is necessary - to undo the original use of the nuclear option by (the despicable) Reid.

This is not the time for gutlessness, unnecessary courtesy, or general Republican RINOism. This is a time to correct the course of the goverment and the nation itself. There can no longer be any responsible, considered claim that the Left is benign and should be understood and compromised with; the Hegelian synthesis must be rejected, because it is always in the favor of the Leftist march through the institutions.

Speaking of Leftist marching:
Inside The Anti-Trump Protest Movement
Not only are these riots incited by paid terrorist/agitators, they are aided and abetted by the silence of the Leftist politicians, who, if anything, are continuing their lies and fear-mongering about Trump and the "fascist" right wing, rather than quelling the violence. The media is definitely complicit in stoking the rage against constitutional processes, which are legal restrictins (laws) which the Left cannot tolerate, if in their opinion they misfire.

The rage has not calmed so far. Will the powers of the Left allow this to continue for the long run? It's very possible; the Left is always built around violence and total control. The evidence is in every newscast.

I, for one, have no problem with treating the Left the same way they have treated us, at least until they decide en mass to become civilized. And I'm not sure that is possible, given that Leftism is a mental defect which takes their minds outside of the realm of Truth, Morality, and Civility. Much less, tolerance, decency and respect.

Certainly not all Leftists are in the streets, rioting. But I don't hear any of them calling for detente, peaceful transition, tolerance and respect for the president. In fact, the main mantra seems to be "assassination" and "rape" the new first lady.

That is the Left shown in the raw, stripped of their smarmy, self-righteous slogans of phony "love" and "tolerance". The Left is baring itself for all to see, naked in the light of their fires.

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