Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump's Scorched Earth Win

Liberals Seethe: "The Democrat Party has been repudiated"
Robert Reich

"Liberals interviewed by The Hill want to see establishment Democrats targeted in primaries, and the “Clinton-corporate wing” of the party rooted out for good.

The fight will begin over picking a new leader for the Democratic National Committee.

Progressives are itching to see the national apparatus reduced to rubble and rebuilt from scratch, with one of their own installed at the top.

And there is talk among some progressives, like Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, about splitting from the Democratic Party entirely if they don’t get the changes they seek.

“The Democratic Party can no longer be the same, it has been repudiated,” Reich said on a conference call with members from the progressive grassroots group Democracy for America."
And Heading for a BIG Mistake (Which is why they would do it):
Is a Muslim from the Midwest set to take over the Democratic National Committee?
But there is HOPE:
The Universe might rip itself apart until there's nothing left, new study suggests
Is this how it ends?

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