Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Did They Expect... ?

85 languages spoken in Buffalo schools as 'New Americans' enter classrooms
Not to mention 85 different cultures.

Is the definition of "American" merely someone who shows up inside the borders of the USA? Or does the the concept of an "American" still demand the education/indoctrination that is used for LEGAL immigrants? Obviously if they speak no English, then they have not pledged allegiance, as do the LEGAL immigrants. Why even have legal immigrants or programs for legal immigrants?

Is acculturation assumed? Or is it even considered necessary any more (multiculturalism makes for "vibrancy" is the mantra). Multiculturation is obviously destined to produce internal balkanization of the USA. Did I say, "destined"? I should say, "designed, and destined".

The solution to the "Babel" problem is to either make every teacher learn 85 languages, or hire 85 interpreters for each classroom.

They're here; they're illegal; they will steal time, attention and education from students who are legal residents.

That's Obama's Beloved Legacy: tear up the Middle East; create war Victims; pretend to be their Savior; make Victims out of Americans; be perplexed that many Americans don't wish to be Obama's Victims; place blame everywhere except where it belongs; claim huge success; buy yourself and family houses everywhere except in flyover country.

A permanent residence in Sudan would be my choice for the Obamas. Maybe Libya. Or Jupiter along with Barbra.

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