Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why the Left is Revolting

[Pun intended]

If we think of the Left in their own terms, it makes perfect sense.

The primary Leftist institution is the three class system. They are the Messiah Class, the saviors of the world. They "know" that their every thought is Just, Necessary and Sufficient to demonstrate their unquestionable superiority. So self-righteousness is not just a by-product of the Class, Messiahism, it is an expectation and a fully formed feature.

Some of the Left (not whites or males) are also in their designated Victimhood Class. The Messiah Class cannot exist without victims, of course; someone needs to be saved, or the saviors have no differentiating feature or function from real people (the "herd").

But the Leftist Messiah Class also needs Oppressors. And that class includes all of those who are the NOTs: Not Messiahs; Not Victims. Again, the "herd". Those in the Oppressor Class are the evil equivalents of NAZIs, and the Left is not reluctant to say so, along with all the other pejoratives. If you are not one of them, then you automatically are racist, sexist, NAZI, etc.

So the election of one of the evil, NAZI, Oppressor Class and the turnover of power to the evil, NAZI, Oppressor Class is the equivalent of losing power and privilege to Satan. Their FAUX accusations (racism, misogyny, etc) become FAUX FEARS. They will all now be VICTIMS with no protection from the disempowered Messiah Class.

Even worse, their FAUX caricatures of the FAUX Oppressor Class will be revealed to be, well, FAUX. They will have to confront their false views, false accusations, false class systems... UNLESS they double down on the hysteria, and pretend to protect the world by self-righteous rioting. The choice to remain superior requires the latter.

That's right, self-righteous riots in the face of the loss of their privileged position as minions of the disempowered Messiahs. There is no need for rational discourse, or thought of civilized democratic process. No need whatsoever. What is at stake is the privilege that the Messiah Class and Victimhood Class have enjoyed to the point of dictatorship disguised as democracy. Loss of privilege and dictatorship is intolerable.

The privileged Messiah Class and Victimhood Classes actually fear that the Oppressor Class WILL ACT JUST LIKE THEY HAVE ACTED: INTOLERANT TOTALITARIANS. Because that is who THEY are, and all that they comprehend.

So whether civility returns to the USA depends purely on this: Will the Left tolerate the pressure on their beloved class system to behave itself, civilly? The prognosis is not good. The Leftist Classists have very little practice in the art of real, actual, pan-tolerant civility. Did I say "little"? I mean none, whatsoever.

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