Thursday, December 15, 2016

And Now It's a War on "Counter Disinformation"

Countering Propaganda
Counter-Disinformation Bill Clears Senate
Next maybe they'll revive the House Un-American Activities Committee. HUAC provided beaucoups entertainment back in the '50s when television was brand new.

For an honest war on disinformation, close scrutiny of all MSM disinformation pimps should be done. Otherwise they are de facto legitimized by their exclusion. How else would Russian disinformation get spread in the USA? In fact, the US Government is a large source of disinformation; who will check that source? Further, who will believe the US Government when it charges "disinformation", since the charge itself might well be disinformation? Dishonesty creates paradox and internal inconsistency every time.

Freedom of Speech includes the freedom to spread disinformation, and the freedom to speak Truth against it. Government should stay out of it because it has a vested interest in deception, deceit and disinformation itself.

Distrust and verify.

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Steven Satak said...

Senators passing a bill with teeth that legislates truth-telling is like congressmen passing a term limits bill that can actually be enforced. The fox will never leave the henhouse and will never be talked out of his taste for chicken...

Never gonna happen for realz. This is more virtue-signallying and smokescreening by both sides.

I wonder how it is that people has so easily forgotten Hillary's emails?