Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Leftists and Violence

Amidst the hordes of Leftists flipping off Trump Tower (stupid virtue signalling if ever there was such) and the hordes of celebrities who should be packing to leave (I hope for, but don't expect such honesty), there is this sort of hate rant:
NY State Employee Demands Death For Trump Supporters, And His Bosses Seem Cool With That

"The Conservative Tribune reports that, New York State Employee Demands Death For Trump Supporters, Still Employed.
"To all my friends that live in red voting states," the screed began. "You have 2 months to move. After that, if you don't do not consider us friends. I want you dead. I want your families dead. I want your wives, husbands children and grandchildren dead. Not just dead but horrible painful deaths."
Let's give this maniac credit, he was not a typical mealy-mouthed, latte-drinking wimp. He said what he was thinking.

Oh, he works for the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. That makes me feel wonderful about the care these folks are getting."
From the comments:
"He seems nice."

"Civil service, so a bonus and promotion pending."

"My God! I wish my ex-boyfriends would quit rearing their crazy heads!!"

" ...It's the banality of puerility."

"...Wonder if he's got a crawlspace under his house?"


I'm thinking riots and neighborhoods on fire, at least by Jan 20, if not before.

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Xellos said...

How funny it would be if this call for mass murder got him fired and/or prosecuted, preferrably under some law he supported. Of course, it will probably just end up with him making a clown of himself in this style.