Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Left Is Plagued With Excess Kindness

Maxine Waters: A Problem With Democrats Is That We’re Too ‘Nice’ to Other Side
Yep. They didn't actually kill any electors this time around, they merely terrorized them. And maybe if they eradicated the deplorables, rather than just defining their Class... and maybe if they paid the violent rioters a decent minimum wage for rioting, they could get rid of all that excess kindness that dogs the dears wherever they show up.

Bare minimum, the Left should open up freely about how they feel about the "other side". Showing too much respect for the Othered Class doesn't reflect the reality of their horrid abomination as herds of subhumans - barely mammals. It is not sufficient to point out to them that they are merely Deplorable; that's too kind, an unfair delusion for them. They should be faced with the base despicableness of their fetid existences so that they appreciate being rounded up into the cattle cars and see the benefit of the Left's plan for them.

Niceness and kindness NO MORE. Remember Democrat Jim Crow, KKK, Bull Conner, and act accordingly!

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