Friday, December 23, 2016

The Left Quivers in Fear and Hate

YAWN: Americans who voted against Trump are feeling unprecedented dread and despair.
They've treated dissent with contempt and indignities for so long that they thought it was a Right. Their special Right, because they are so special. They've marginalized the US Constitution by the use of judicial activism. They've destroyed higher education through the elimination of core intellectual competency courses and substituted Marxist Class studies, and the institution of irrational Marxist rules for student behaviors. They've attacked Pizza Parlors, sandwich shops and bakeries. They sue small towns and schools to eliminate religion, and install Atheism, aka Secularism. They have invaded government like unchecked termites, infecting nearly all federal agencies with Leftist agendas and Leftist activists.

Now they believe that it's their turn to get the same treatment which they've been giving the rest of us. They imagine the hordes they've deemed stupid-flyover-clinger-irredeemable-deplorables will now be enabled to do to them that which they've done and imagined they would do... to us.

We'll see. Let 'em sweat. Let them whine. Let them quiver in fear and mourn for the "future they've lost" and the "new hopelessness". Let them shrink back to normal size. They deserve at least that.

However the usual "deplorable" process is to treat the anarchic, abominable Left with kid gloves and kindness - as if they will learn compassion and tolerance and will respond in kind. They respond, alright. But only in their own anarchic and abominable natural Marxist Class War fashion.

Perhaps they should be treated as decent, moral, tolerant people. But they aren't decent, moral, tolerant; they are vicious, violent and threatening to social order - as any US Elector can document. They will have to be, at a minimum, contained.

Now it's up to us. We must not shrink from that responsibility.


Michael Busser said...

Are you serious?

Michael Busser said...

What planet do you come from?