Sunday, December 18, 2016

VOX Predictions From Too Damned Late

"Opposition to “offensive” speech on campuses will ultimately burn dissidents"
The head-spinning realization that the impregnable Left is actually the dissendents now comes far too late to rectify the damage to free speech on campus and in many other forums that they accomplished when they thought that they, the superior Left, were untouchable in their march through the institutions. Now that the defenders of free speech have been re-validated and encouraged, the tools of suppression can be wielded against the Left, until the Left caves in to the necessity of free speech... for everyone, not just themselves.

Or will they come to that conclusion? Given their history of obstinate obdurance, it will take a lot of forcing their own medicine onto them, and perhaps that won't even work. The nature of narcissistic moral and intellectual supremacy is to never give in. Never.

They will be severely tested in the next few years.

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