Sunday, December 18, 2016

Whiny California Resents the US Constitution

The electoral college has always been the wrong way to choose a president

"The electoral college ought to have been struck from the Constitution or invalidated by the Supreme Court long ago. Donald Trump’s electoral college victory — despite Hillary Clinton’s lead of more than 2.5 million in the popular vote — is only the latest proof that it’s the wrong way to choose a president."
Ignore the evidence that some 3 million votes came from illegal aliens for the moment. The US Constitution very wisely protects the rest of the nation against a heavily populated state dominating the entire country, as in Hunger Games. It does that via the selection of senators, guaranteeing senators to lightly populated states, as well as electors via the electoral college.

Like all Leftists, the burgeoning Marxist populations clotted together in the isolated islands of the archipelago shown below feel that they should have total control, despite their concentrations in just a few areas. To them, the rest of the nation hardly exists, or exists to do their bidding as in producing foodstuff, energy and building materials and labor, and STFU.

Because the rest of the nation, outside the archipelago of Leftist swarm-think, had the audacity to speak up via Donald Trump, the Left now fears for their very lives: the peasants are rising and sharpening the guillotines. While that is just more Leftist insanity, it's not a bad position to have them in. Thrashing around in their own insanity will just accelerate the demise of Leftism as a national threat. I hope.

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