Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why the Left Isn't Laughing at Trump Anymore

Stephen Green:
"ANALYSIS: TRUE. So what if Trump and Perry shut down the Energy Department? No one will miss it. The departments of Energy and Education are little more than make-work programs for Progressives, Greens, and others whose real interests lie in preventing energy production and warping education."
Hopefully the IRS will be "reimagined" as a ghost, too. It's time the values-free Leftists feel the sting of unemployment, and perhaps gain some visibility into that specter which they visited upon the clinging, deplorable flyovers. Of course, visibility does NOT equal insight, and the Left cares very little for additional information above and beyond their moral narrative. But it's absolutely fair that they feel the pain they've caused. It's likely to be a bitter pill; I, for one, would never hire an ex-bureaucrat for anything requiring actual substance. And I imagine that many who are relegated to the hated Class:White feel the same way.

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