Friday, December 9, 2016

Zombie MSM, Making Stupid Demands on its Enemies

Atone Deaf: Libs Demand Apology from Trump Base

"If there's anything the liberal media despises more than typing "President-elect" before Donald Trump's name, it's having to acknowledge the political influence of evangelicals. There's no hiding their impact now -- not after they helped propel Trump to the biggest election upset in modern history. For years, the press has tried to fake a death certificate for the religious right, insisting right up to last month that the bloc was either extinct or too fractured by Trump to reverse America's political and cultural backslide. Headlines like the Washington Post's "This Is the Last Spastic Breath from the Religious Right before its Overdue Death" fed this false narrative right up to Election Day.

Now, faced with the undeniable existence and impact of "values voters" the liberal media has a new strategy -- using evangelicals' influence to drive the media's agenda and divide the church. The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin is the latest to try it, writing an almost laughable piece in today's edition called, "How Trump's Evangelical Supporters Can Atone." Like most people, you're probably wondering what values voters have to be sorry for! After all, their only crime is electing a president who -- unlike his predecessor -- will uphold the Constitution, protect life, and defend religious liberty. As far as most Christians are concerned, the only people who need to atone are the ones who let President Obama run roughshod over our laws, our military, Christians' beliefs, and the unborn.

Yet still, Rubin insists, "If evangelical leaders want to show they really are values voters, they must demonstrate it through public advocacy and private service to others. They must stop buying into grievance-mongering, resentment, and tribal identity and refuse to stand idly by when the political class abandons or wreaks havoc on the lives of the most vulnerable."
Here we have a despicable Leftist bitch demanding that the Deploreables do as she commands. Here's my reply:
The amoral, fake news MSM is in no position to make moral demands of anyone. Much less are they in a position to demand the fealty of the herd, which they are astounded to discover that they do not even influence, nevermind "control". The Washington Post is foremost amongst the Leftist LIAR press. When a profession provides the opposite of their promised product - as in provide complete, fair and unbiased reporting of ALL news - that profession has become a force for evil. Jennifer Rubin is one of the foremost of the foremost. The Leftist LIAR MSM is now the walking dead, zombie press. It must be defended against, just as one defends against the fabled zombies. It will die as it is starved. In the meantime, it is demonstrably insane, trying to eat the sane which it cannot catch up with.

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Steven Satak said...

I'm not surprised there are people like Rubin still attempting their manipulations with whatever power they have left.

Rubin is quite intelligent. However, her ego forced out actual reason a long time ago, and now we have the unnerving spectacle of an adult human publicly denying objective reality by 're-defining it'. As if Trump OR his supporters give a good goddamn what this woman or her paper or her fellow dementites think.

It's tough living out your philosophy, especially when it's an Atheist practicing Materialism. As C. S. Lewis noted, when you have sold your soul - that is, yourself - to the Devil, there is no 'you' left to profit from the bargain.

(Imagine a woman busily engaged in sawing off the branch she and a few others sit on. Imagine that she succeeds. She falls to her doom, but instead of reaching out and grasping for a passing branch to save herself, she chooses to lecture the people sitting on the other branches on the best methods for sawing. It's not her suicide that unnerves me. It's her strident, insistent whispers that we join her. I know who her Master is.