Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Solid Week of FAKE NEWS Against Donald Trump

"There are legitimate concerns to be had about Donald Trump’s character. However, the sustained and bilious bias and mendacity of the media coverage designed to paint him as an unhinged monster is absolutely shocking."
Don't miss this megapixel panoramic photo of the inauguration crowd:
Trump's Crowd


  1. The crowd thing is just stupid. Of course Trump had less attendance. It was raining and it's happening inside the Blue Democrat bubble. Hard working Americans have better things to do than drive to DC on a workday! It means nothing!

  2. Arthur, dude did you look at the pic!? It shows a massive crowd! The MSM is lying! That's the point!!

  3. Evan, no need to lie here. The crowd was big, yes, as the picture Stan posted shows. We can be proud of our new president and the support he gets from hard working Americans. (I assume that's why it was posted?) The fact remains that the crowd was smaller than Obama's for the obvious reasons I mentioned above, simple explanations! Just look at the picture, you can see the white empty space which matches the aerial photos that you must have seen by now. Defend Truth and the Law! Let the misrepresentation job to the Left please...


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