Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another Moral-Leftist Admits His Moral Hatred of the Barbarian Class: the Despicable OTHERS

And thinks about buying guns to protect himself from the Red Staters:
I love America. It's Americans I hate.
If it amuses you, count the logic errors and internal contradictions in this self-indulgent weep.

My favorite is his self-righteous defense of intolerance of intolerance:
"I don't subscribe to the sophistry that being intolerant of intolerance is just as bad as intolerance itself — that, for instance, the humorless dogma of political correctness is as great an evil as good old-fashioned bigotry. But, as Nietzsche said, he who does battle with shitheads must beware that he does not thereby become a shithead. The most prejudiced people also tend to be the most provincial; they've never actually met any of the people they think they hate. (e.g.: an elderly friend of my mother's once complained about gays in the church to her male hairdresser.) And, thanks to the dissolution of civic society and the segregated informational communities of the internet, most of us no longer know anyone of a different political color anymore. So it's easy to turn them into slavering caricatures out of old propaganda posters."
Totally un-self-aware of how this applies to himself, he admits to terminating a relationship due to the Others' vote for Trump.

So intolerant actions are not evil if the PC moral police do it, because disagreement by the Othered Class is "good old-fashioned bigotry", which when properly defined by the Leftist moral police, is, in fact, evil. And the all-new "evil" cannot be tolerated. End justifies means - Nietzsche; Alinsky; Obama; Clintons; Democrats in general.

This man both revels and squirms in his intolerance and hatred, almost but not quite realizing his own visceral hatred born of personal eliteness and moral superiority over the despicable "barbarians", which, after all, deserve hatred. Elitists are not really given to self-examination because their superiority is natural: they tower, morally, over the "barbarians", the Othered Class, the Oppressor Class. Their personal superiority is thus self-evident, a First Principle upon which their worldview is constructed.

I am superior because of the Class system; the Class system is valid because I am superior.
[Circular, not that logic matters to such First Principles]

If the Othered Class, the barbarians, achieves control, there is still no triggering of self-reflection amongst the self-evidently Superior Class. There is fear that the caricature (barbarism) will show up at the door with guns and the hatred assigned to them by their social position and assigned class. And fear of the blatantly imaginary is still fear.

But they cannot release the imaginary caricature of the Othered, the barbarian Class. To do so would be a negation of the fundamental foundation of Leftism: Classifying humans into Marxian Classes, in order to declare oneself and one's proclivities to be morally messianic, superior to the herd, the horrid masses, the despised Others.

And non-coherently, the Despised Others are totally necessary to the Leftist. How else can he justify his self-assigned superiority and eliteness?

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