Friday, January 13, 2017


Steve said...

Here's a smarter version:

Stan said...

Define "smart". Then we'll have something to discuss. It appears that you have confused the meaning of the word with "paranoid".

Evidence: Trump was voted in, despite the 3 million false votes which were likely Democrat - because they always are.

Steve said...

Oh you're also into conspiracy theories LOL what a loser. There's no paranoia here. Just the facts. The entire intellectual sphere knows Trump was a bad candidate, a selfish megalomaniac racist unprepared candidate. Hence the smart cartoon by The Economist. If you prefer to get biased news from, well go on moron, remain part of the vast majority of idiots who can't think for themselves. You're screwing yourself with dumbed down information. Probably the only thing you can process, though, with that level of cognitive faculties.

Steven Satak said...
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Steven Satak said...

Hahahaha! *That's* the best you got?! "Gee, I'm smart and you're dumb"? Classic. "The intellectual sphere". Did you actually keep a straight face as you typed that? The "vast majority of idiots who can't think for themselves" apparently outvoted you and your simpering pack of Poindexters. You ever *actually* wonder why you and your fellow Leftists lost the election? It's because in your towering arrogance, you forgot that objective reality - you know, the world outside of the internet? - doesn't give a rat's ass how smart you *think* you are.

It just makes you more amusing when you lose. And Mister Trump DID win. Can't change that, snowflake, no matter how much you wail and wring your hands.

Steven Satak said...

They have nothing to answer objective reality with, except insult, flippancy and lies. I wouldn't expect much from this one. It's been living in the internet too long.

Stan said...

Leftists can't speak without a) name calling; b) claiming to be on the side of "the entire intellectual sphere"; c) Class War insults demeaning all dissent; d) reference to mysterious "facts"; e) no reference to actual facts.

Fact: Trump is an indefatigable warrior against PC; Leftist intolerance; anti-American sentiment; globalism and tyranny. Thus the screams from the PC, intolerant Left and their anti-American, globalist tyranny attempts.

The Left is not a collection of intellectual truth-searchers; the Left is a band of tyrannical Narrative preaching Marxist Dictator-Wannabes - pitiful mimics of Marx with no other song to sing, and keen to hear no other song, and desperate to allow no other song to be sung anywhere.

That is blatantly anti-intellectual: anti-rational in the Nietzschean sense of insanity.

Steve said...

Oh anyone can speak without name calling, it just happens to be relevant here when the OP is a complete delusional wack who deserves nothing but finger pointing and laughter. Idiots like you voted for their giant douche bag because deeeeerp Hillary for Prison! Build the wall! Fuck immigrants! Bring back the good ol' days. Fucking. Morons. You're an expression of the worst of these voters. You know the half Hillary called deplorables. The awful racist anti-intellectual morons who know nothing about governance. Guys like you here who pat each other on the back in their echo chamber.

Steven Satak said...

Oh, Steve, you completely lost me after 'delusional wack'. You're projecting again, aren't you? That's adorable. Why don't you come back when you've graduated high school, sweetie?

Stan said...

Here's the thing Steve: Your Destructor has been empowered. Whatever his "deplorable" characteristics might be - he IS your destructor. So point and shriek all you want, you'd better do it on the run. Because your Leftist empowered days are over. Despicable Hillary is over. Obama is over, except for the coming race riots and slum-burnings which he and his rapper buds will incite. And watch carefully as he baits Islamists to "rebel" or somesuch.

Under Trump, responsible, legitimate blacks will prosper, as will responsible legitimate latinos and all responsible minorities. The divide within minorities will become vast, as some assimilate and some revolt.

Many Leftists will see the light and will leave the dark side of perpetual bitterness, whining, blame placing and minority-baiting via Class Warfare messiah/Victimhood Marxism.

There will likely be a market bubble crash as the Leftist-crony system (fascist/corrupt) explodes, and then there will be a general prosperity that only the very rich enjoyed under Obama/Clinton.

So here's your problem: your Class War complaints are more cute than substantive. There are specific reasons that Hillary will likely serve time, that unlimited immigration (which is illegal, of course) must not be allowed to parasite the nation to death, and that rule of law must be restored. You and the Left hate the rule of Law, as you have demonstrated amply.

In fact, you have given zero reasoning, but merely remained in the third grade level of repeating self-righteous, content-free, Leftist slogans.

As the Donald says, "Sad".

Because you have no actual arguments to defend your Hillary. You have no arguments to defend your Open borders.
You merely defend illegality with no reasoning other than silly insults.

Childish. And Sad. And Marxist.